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Tony O

Dear Fans,

I feel that I have to comment on the recent speculation surrounding Tony's future with the band. The truth is that he does not want to leave and we certainly do not want him to go but unavoidable circumstances have brought us to a crossroads which has to be resolved for all our sakes. Everyone is aware that this is the best line-up we have had but unless some miracle happens it cannot continue. Tony has issues to deal with, both personal
(which will remain so but if he needs us we are there for him) and professional. Many people know that he has two careers, the band and his work at a Music College in Birmingham. He excels at both as you would expect. I believe he has a future with the band and beyond, he also loves the challenge of teaching young musicians, engineers and kids who just want to be involved with entertainment and they love and respect him. The epicenter of all of this is that next year he will leave Sweet. There is no animosity and if he needs a sabbatical to think things through, away from all pressure, then we will give it to him. To find a replacement who can fit in as perfectly as Tony will be difficult, Fantastic singer, good bassist and all round brilliant bloke. The upshot is that this task has to be tackled with our intention to keep the standards as high as they have been so with that in mind we need a new singer/bass player. The king is dead, long live the king - Sweet will still be trying to be the best on the "live" circuit, come what may.

Russia. We have just returned from a very successful tour with a pretty radical change in the line-up. Steve moved to Vocals/Bass and Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep) took over Keys. The pedigree speaks for itself. As musicians we knew we could play our way out of any situation and we were proved right. Vocally it was strong, far better than our expectations and the audience reaction was tremendous. Steve does not want to be the singer but I would like to thank him for stepping up and giving his all, thanks to Bruce who's voice gets stronger with every show and to Phil for returning to Russia for the umpteenth time and keeping our spirits up! Vodka and Champagne mainly. This line-up will be seen on a couple of shows in Germany while we make the necessary changes.

I am sorry to be the bearer of such news but the sooner we sort this the better. Assuring you of my best intentions at all times, onwards and upwards!

Best regards,
Andy Scott

Tony also has this message to you:

After nearly 3 years with The Sweet I am very sorry to have to make the decision to leave the band. I have had some of the best times of my life and have travelled half way round the world with my best friends; I will miss the camaraderie the most. For the last year I have been working full time at a music college as well as traveling every weekend. Working seven days a week I knew at some point that something would have to give.
Although I love performing more than anything else in the world I cannot let this new career chance pass me by. It offers me the long term security that I really need in my life. I've met some wonderful people throughout my travels with the band and I really hope that you will understand that although this has been the hardest decision to make only I can choose.

Keep on rockin'
Tony O'Hora
sweet at sweden rock 2006

SWEET returned to the world renowned Sweden Rock Festival(Last time was back in 1994!)The band had an excellent stage time of 1700-1845 on the Sweden Stage this luckily gave the band time to watch the England world cup match!. The sun was shining and the atmosphere on site was buzzing. The 7000 strong crowd bounced and sang their hearts out! It was a great day that will live long in the memories. Also on the festival were, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper & Whitesnake to mention a few. After the gig the organisers of Sweden Rock said that The Sweet was in the top 3 of all bands who had played that weekend, now that is something!
sweet at rock the fort
After the bands triumphant performance at Sweden Rock Festival, SWEET traveled to Thunder Bay on the shores of Lake Superior to play at the "Rock the Fort" festival. Also on the bill for this show were Heart, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Allanah Myles, Lou Gramm, Helix & Vince Neil. The weather whilst the band were there was magical. Blazing sunshine!, but, as SWEET took the stage it rained hard however the crowd of around 8000 didn't seem to care at all. They were in fine voice throughout. A short but very worthwhile trip.
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The people behind BANG YOUR HEAD Festival have launched a brand new festival called “ROCK OF AGES” a festival series dedicated to pure rock music. The Sweet performed along with Twisted Sister, Gotthard, Glenn Hughes, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Fish, UFO and Saga. We have a feeling this festival will go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Here is a selection of the current merch available at the gigs!
harry jacket
embroidery sweet
sweet poster
blockbuster ballroom blitz life on mars

The sweet’s music will feature in BBC1’s new prime time cop drama ‘Life on Mars’ The series is based in the 1970’s so naturally they used 2 mega hits ‘Blockbuster & The Ballroom Blitz’
fox on th erun lords on dogtown

“Fox On The Run” is on the soundtrack for the new film ‘Lords Of Dogtown’
The film follows the surf and skateboarding trends that originated in Venice, California during the 1970's.

RHCP have been playing a cut down version of Fox On The Run on their latest tour.

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