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Tony O╩╝Hora Born on the 8th September 1967 in Clapham, London Tony spent his early years split between London and Dublin but his formative years were spent in Ontario Canada just a mile away from Detroit Michigan the rock capital of America.
Tony had a passion for singing from an early age and spent the majority of his high school years on the road playing the required club circuit. On returning to England Tony sang for many bands throughout the late eighties and early nineties and in 1998 teamed up with Bruce as members of Praying Mantis. This connection led to Tony joining The Sweet in 2003 as vocalist and bass player and subsequently, after a few years in the land of the employed , to him returning as keyboard player/guitarist and vocalist.
When not on the road with Sweet, Tony still teaches vocals at South Birmingham College.
Other notable mentions include ; Touring and recording with Torino, Onslaught, Praying Mantis.

Tony, once known as barfly but not anymore......

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